The Business of Law

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Many of us became lawyers because we weren’t inclined to go into “business.” But the truth is, whether you are an associate, solo or leading a full-service firm, you are running a business. The business of law has its own set of challenges, from structure to valuation to business development. In this edition of the Contra Costa Lawyer, we look at some of those challenges particular to law practices.

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Interest-based Negotiations

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In my role as a transactional attorney, and even handling dispute resolution, I spend much of my time negotiating deals. Sure, it is important to know and understand the law that affects each transaction, but there is also an art to negotiating the terms. The worst situation is the typical flea market scenario where the parties stand on positions, and volley concessions back and forth and perhaps reach an agreement on price.  More successful negotiations rely on preparation and thoughtful discussion, for example prioritizing issues,...

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Unleashing the Value of Your Law Practice Ethically

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Prior to 1989, California’s attorneys were not permitted to sell the good will they built in their law practices. But since California became the first state in the nation to allow the sale of law practices, solo practitioners have been in a position to profit from their legal and business acumen. Just as you thoughtfully prepared to hang your shingle and build your successful practice, the most successful lawyers will thoughtfully plan for the day they close up shop.

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Letters of Intent in Commercial Lease Negotiations

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Anyone who has been involved in a real estate transaction, whether professional or layperson, has no doubt been frustrated by the complexity of the leasing or sale process. “Gone are the days when our ancestors sat around a fire and bargained for the exchange of stone axes for bear hides. Today the stakes are much higher and negotiations are much more complex. Deals are rarely made in a single negotiating session. Rather, they are the product of a gradual process in which agreements are reached piecemeal on a variety of issues in a...

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